Welcome to Orion

Classic Conquer rebranded

+1 DB Drops

Custom system to make socket items!

Auto PickUp

Unlike other servers we enable auto pick up for all players! (excluding +1 DB/+1 Meteors).

Full Screen Mode

We support all resolutions for a unique playing experience! Easy to change via a configuration file!

Medium Rates

We have medium enabled so players can gear up fairly easy to PVP but still have end game goals to meet.

Auto Pickup

Everyone VIP or not is able to auto loot all items except bless items,Meteor(+1),DB(+1)'s.

Guild War Map

Guild War Winner get a unique benefit of there own map which has increase rates as a bonus reward to encourage players
to work together to win GuildWars!

Non P2W

We do our best to keep a fair gameplay for everyone so you're force to spend any money to enjoy a simple video game!

Our latest patch notes:
Frash news
Below you can see our latest patch notes
Frequently Asked Questions
You should know this
Does this server have ninjas?
We don't have any new classes except Trojan,Warriors,Archers,Taoist.
How do I start playing?
Download the client from the download page and update it fully!
How fast does it take to be GuildWar Ready?
It can be done as quickly as 1-2 Weeks if you hardcore grind.
Do you deal with cheaters?
If someone is caught cheating or using illegal programs the player and any associates accounts are all banned.
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Tons of players for you to PK!